The Rojas salon which finds nature in the five senses

We hear the word *LOHAS*.
There is various interpretation, but we arrest "drawing the beauty that a visitor originally has as natural beauty" in Rio and want to support the lifestyle of the visitor.
We use John master organic in our salon which is particular about a genuine article.

Is natural; the style with the plasticity…

It wants to be a place not only to clean hair, but also offer healing to.
You seem to be able to spend the shop calmly and are based on brown and green.
We make use of a location called the second floor and can spend it without minding the eyes of the person.
In the shop which light inserts, a green plant lets you forget daily business.
Because There are plant original herb, a fragrance of the aroma, organic shampoo, the styling agent can be relaxed.
To a drink to give, the organic tea and herb tea prepare. Please spend the waiting time leisurely to relax in a cafe.



Address 〒166-0004
Suginami-ku, Tokyo Asagaya south 1-9-6
The seventh Shimura Building 2F
Tel 03-3318-1297
Access From Minamiasagaya Station a 4-minute walk
From Asagaya Station a 15-minute walk
Open 9:30 ~ 18:30
  cut +(color or perm)/~18:30 
Close Wednesday

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